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Since i bought the disc does that mean any dl episodes wont read my save????

posted by Adrake on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users
:confused::confused:I purchased the Walking Dead Season 1 game and deleted all of saved episodes that i downloaded because I thought i wouldnt needed them since I have the disc. I wasnt thinking about when Season 2 comes out or now 400 Days came out. I want to know if i download 400 Days and the Season 2 episodes (because there is no way i will be able to wait for the disc to be released to play more) will it read the saved file I have on my PS3 from the disc or do i have to download the season again and play all over?? I really hate to have to start over. I should have saved my downloaded episodes.
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  • so, u played and erased them, ok yes you have to play again but maybe THERES A WAY
    you need to have a friend or familiar that have made similar choices and you ask him her to pass you the save file ;)
  • It depends on if you deleted the game data or the save data. They are stored in 2 different spots on the PS3's hard drive. So if you deleted only the game data (The episodes that you downloaded), and not the save data (Progress and choices you've made), you should be ok. However if you deleted both I think you're outta luck man.
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