400 Days Won't Download

I lost my save file a while ago, so I had no data for this game. In anticipation for 400 Days, I played through all of Season One in three days and when I went to download 400 Days today, it refused to download. When I try, it just stays at 0% for a few seconds before it says I have no Internet connection. I obviously do, and my PC even says that the connection is strong at five bars. This happened previously while downloading Episodes 2-5, but it would download after I quit the game, disconnected and reconnected to my wi-fi, and retried. Please help. :confused:


  • MattPMattP ModeratorTelltale Staff
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    We are aware of this issue and currently looking into a solution.
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    I paid the 24.99 again off the TaleTell site and installed it - There IS no 400 days to play on my pc!

    There are no instructions for installing.

    It feels as if I bought the first with Lee and Clem all over again, although I pressed the link on the site to buy now the 400 days.

    I see no helps in forums for this.

    Wrote to support suggesting I re-purchased the Lee/Clem although I followed the links for 400 days. I hope they issue me the correct download.
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