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Errors, errors and still errors on your website...

posted by Cez24 on - last edited - Viewed by 3K users
Why your website is so often offline with some error? Every day I open your website or forum, and there is a problem. I noticed it first time during release BTTF: The Game and it was... 2 years ago? Then I told you about this problem and you didn't repair your servers for 2 YEARS? :O

This is the error I'm talking about:
Database Error Database error
The database has encountered a problem.
Please try the following:

Load the page again by clicking the Refresh button in your web browser.
Open the home page, then try to open another page.
Click the Back button to try another link.

The forum technical staff have been notified of the error, though you may contact them if the problem persists.

We apologise for any inconvenience.
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  • Ekhm... AGAIN now your website is running very slowly.. People, could you do smth? And answer please :/
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    DjNDB Moderator
    This has already been answered several times, most recently here.
  • Maintenance? What maintenance? This is ridiculous. I don't know any other website that is offline many hours during the day. Maybe you know some website whick is always offline? Wiki perhaps, some official websites of companies? No, professional, official websites are always online.

    It's pathetic, company like Telltale should shame of this :/ Please, stop this ridiculous maintenance and make your website online 24h/day! After YEARS you did nothing :/
  • I feel the same way as Cez. What does maintenance do?

    Could we at least be given a count down timer? ('You can only use the forums for 2 more hours! )
  • Can someone from staff members answer the quastions? What maintenance?
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