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Rate 400 days

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Okay it is simple i haven't played the game yet, but I am curious if people think it is good or not. Simply rate the game out of 10, 1 being terrible/don't bother and 10 being brilliant and totally worth it.

Thank you for your help! :)
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  • Haven't finished it yet but so far it looks good! I would give it a 10/10 based on how far I've gotten. Maybe I'm a little biased but hey.. I'd say 9.5 to 10
  • Are we using decimals? I will go like IGN and give it an 89/8.9. Simply cause of the same reason greg gave in his review.

    It's great but not to the extent for it to be a 9. For it to be a nine and over i would like it to be a bigger and longer episode which gives more context between everything that has happend (which might come in S2 anyway).

    For a DLC it's very good but and 8.9 it is. IF not using decimals it's an 8.
  • For me it won't go higher than 5 out of 10.

    I didn't like the DLC for many reasons. It is far from having Telltale's TWD standards.

    The timeline would have been a great idea if you were able to relate a little to any of the characters (every one of them has 20 minutes approx.). I can't get into the mind of a character in 20 minutes. At least Vince and Shel has some introduction; Wyatt, Russel and Bonnie are straight on the road, ready to make choices and mistakes even if you don't know something about them.

    Vince is nicely introduced and his part starts Day 2. So that's ok for me.
    Shel is also introduced with all her overprotective comments before her part really starts. I know what's her goal.
    I don't know much about Bonnie and her group. What's Bonnie's goal?
    What happened before Wyatt and his friend hit the road? He is also "very hard" to "roleplay" because he's dumb. It could have been interesting with some context but the DLC lacks it.
    What happened to Russel? What is he looking for? Where does he come from?

    Nate was the star of the show.

    But overall, absolutely no emotion, no real surprise... I don't know, I was able to understand how to play Lee really quickly, I had emotions in episode 1...

    They know a lot of things you don't and I didn't like that. As Lee, you started from scratch and were able to "make" his personnality within situations new to him. Here, I only met people who know what is happening and know what to do.
    I can't relate to people spending 400 days in this mess within 20 minutes. Not a really good experience.
  • 7/10 as an interactive fiction

    4/10 as a game
  • At least 7/10. The decisions were pretty twisted at times, and the events that occured really immersed me in, but due to the fact how each chapter lasts less then 10 to 20 minutes, i can't find the time to relate to the character before the game fades out and takes me back to choose a new chapter. So in most cases, during sad moments i don't really react much.
  • 9.5/10 (looking at the fact its a DLC after all,not a season)

    Honestly the story was very immersive and exciting,characters everything but not boring/shallow,a lot of interesting choices that were managed to be perfectly incorporated (timed) in an hour and half,and the choices themselves matter more then in any episode so far.A lot of unnecessary exploring and solving puzzles has been cut out so,although short,the 15-20 minutes you spend with each of the 5 characters is filled with story progression/dialogue/choices (that again,matter).Also hats off to the way DLC changes scenes depending on the order in which you play the episodes. :) I gave the DLC 9,5 simply because of the length of the stories,but like TT said,they are SHORT stories.The point of 400 Days isn't really for one to become connected to the characters like in Season 1 anyway.We got an awesome,hour and a half,choice-mattering short story that serves as an excellent bridge between Season 1 and 2. ;) Again,its a DLC,not a season.

    ....and if you actually read all this,thanks. :P
  • 9/10.
    Would be higher if not for Wyatt's scenario.
  • 7/10.

    I really hate that Season Two is going to be so far along in the timeline away from Season One.
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