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it was fine, then it won't load. HELP!

posted by Loser!.gd on - last edited - Viewed by 438 users
I loaded CSI: HARD EVIDENCE with no problem, got through all cases except case 5. I was playing case five, pretty far too, until I turned it off and when I came back my name in the "LOAD GAME" section was gone. So I clicked where it was supposed to be, and then it took me to the next screen "LOAD/PICK CASE" and it froze. So then I restarted CSI and I deleted all of the slots on the "LOAD GAME" page and I clicked mine, the next page did not freeze this time! So I clicked case 5 and it went to the "LOADING" page, when I'm leaving sites or loading the actual case. It won't leave that page now! HELP ME.
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