Game freezes when connecting at start up (WINxp)

what I did:

1. de-installed the entire game.
2. re-installed v3 of TWD from TTG site.
3. downloaded all episodes including 400 dayz.
4. game freezes at start up after clicking a button.
it connects and then stops working!!!



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    ok, I tested the game under Windows7 Nvidia Geforce GTX 585.
    All is fine!
    Looks like I have to wait just a little bit longer. (for the game to connect / start up)
    I will give it a try, when I`m back home. :-)

    Great game by the way!
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    YES! it takes about 3 minutes to connect and start, but it works!
    thanks guys. :-)
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    Mine doesn't even open. But on steam it opens.
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