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400 days Decision choices bugged, XBOX buttons on PC

posted by dubesor on - last edited - Viewed by 734 users
No idea why but I just finished 400 days dlc and almost a third of the time I can't make any choices because instead of the PC choice menue it gives me the Xbox buttons. Sometimes it will only be the first second and then fix itself but most of the time it stays until the timer runs out. Basically 30% of the time I can't choose the dialog. This is really annoying. I am on PC, steam and use keyboard+mouse as I always did with all 5 seasons where I didn't have this problem.

here just 1 example
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    DjNDB Moderator
    That's strange.

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  • Aight, here you go.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Device Name: TURBO PAD
    Attached: 1
    Controller ID: 0x0
    Vendor/Product ID: 0x1A34, 0x0203
    FF Driver: n/a
    Is that a gamepad?
    If so, maybe that's triggering the xbox buttons to show up.
  • I have a PS3 gamepad in one of my USB ports. Always have it there lying in case I play games with controllers. I'll try again with it removed but then wouldn't all choices be xbox buttons? Not 70% pc buttons and 30% xbox buttons. And they sometimes disappear like stated, well will try later if that fixes it.

    edit: unplugged it and tried again playing through 1 storyline. No more bug it seems like. still weird it only changed partially though. oh well, thanks!
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I don't know, it's just a guess that an unsupported controller, could trigger some bug.
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