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Back to the future Ipod touch problems

posted by alienhunter333 on - Viewed by 2.3K users
:mad: hi i recently bought BTTF episodes 2-5 on my computer last night for my iPod touch 4g, after they finish downloading i connected my iPod and attempted to install the rest of the episodes. i highlighted the episodes and dragged them to my iPod, when i did this nothing happened. can someone please help me out ASAP!!! i really want all the episodes on my iPod but they won't install (please note that i did check to see if it was compatible with my iPod and it was)
NOTE: i did go to the iPad section and clicked on one of the episodes and i checked to see if it would work on iPhone or iPod so i downloaded it or purchased it.:mad::confused:
if i did something wrong or something please message me ASAP!!!!! once again
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