Can't find 400 Days on PS3 after install

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I downloaded 400 Days for PS3, then installed both disc & digital versions. After installation was complete, icons for both versions disappeared. I can't currently play the DLC.

My theory: I played the disc version of TWD: Season 1 only. I don't currently have the disc. I'm guessing that I need the disc in the PS3 to play 400 Days. Is that the case, or is something else going on?

Please advise!



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    I had the same issue, which I solved by downloading the episode 1 from the PS Store.
    After the Ep1 is installed, you execute it and in the list of episodes you'll see "400 days".
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    I am having the same exact issue. Inserted the disc, went through download can see 400 but can not select it. Downloaded episode 1 from the play store again went through download content, can see 400 installed but still can not access it. This is becoming frustrating.
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    Its telling me that 400 DAYS has been installed but it doesn't show up as an option. I have episode one, chapter one installed (Ive finished the game). For some reason I have the disc version and digital version in my download list. Ive already spoken with PSN tech and they could figure it out either. PLEASE HELP :mad:
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    just downloaded 400 Days on my Region 1 PS3 Disc Walking Dead base game.

    My account is Region 1. so no issues there.

    1. I tried via Playstation Store. it did not worked
    2. I tried via Disc choices (from the title screen of the game, there is Downloadable Content) still did not worked

    all i keep getting is this game has already been purchased. click download.

    can you guys help. thanks.
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    I'm having the same issue with 400 Days, where I have the disc and have downloaded the content (in both digital and disc versions) but it won't load.

    The DLC is present in the Episodes Menu but it either states that it is Coming Soon or it prompts me to "Get" it (which I have already gotten).

    The idea of downloading Episode 1 (even though I have it on disc) and playing without being able to save doesn't seem like a reasonable option.

    Please help. Thanks.
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