Annoyingly long loading times between scenes (Mac)

I went through the Walking Dead on my Mac Mini last December. This week I installed 400 Days and played through that as well.

Now I'm trying to play the main game again from the start, and I am experiencing painfully long loading times between individual scenes. For an example, in Episode 1, the game is stuck loading for 30 seconds between every transition from one position to another at the Motor Inn. It's very annoying and distracts from the game play experience.

I did not have this problem in December, so I'm kind of baffled as to why this is happening. Could it be installing 400 Days did something? Or is it something with my Mac? Has anyone else experienced this problem, is there some way to make the game load more things at once, so it doesn't get stuck between every scene?



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    Actually the more I think about this problem, the more it looks like it might be associated with saving rather than loading. It could be that the 30 second freezes occur whenever the game autosaves. Any ideas?
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    I second that, I am on a Mac with an SSD so things should be fast, but I also get this annoying hickups during autosave.
    On the PC it is fast it is just the OSX version which seems to be dead slow in this regard.
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    I deleted the new local content installed by 400 Days, and now the problem seems to have disappeared. So, it looks like 400 Days is somehow screwing up the autosaves on the Mac.
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    Same problem, started just after the new update was installed. This could be the same bug:

    Unplugging the ethernet cable didn't work for me.
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    I had to disconnect from the internet to play the game but that meant I didn't get any achievements so now I am struggling through the long pauses to get my achievements and beat episode 1.

    I hope the telltale team can fix this issue cause it seems relatively new and seems to be linked to 400 days being released.

    I tried disabling the cloud sync and that did nothing at all.
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    I even Tried my fathers Mac Pro with an extreme graphics card and super CPU. Still the autosave is a bitch
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    I would love a patch to come out fixing this so I can finish my replay so I can get to the new episode!
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