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400 Days.. unable to play?

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Finally, the day has come. 400 Days! Since I am moving in with my boyfriend this August, I have had my internet connection shut off and therefore bring my HDD and wireless adapter to his house in order to download the game. I purchase the DLC via the marketplace, install it, everything checks out fine. As I have read online elsewhere, 400 Days requires episode 1 to play. I have completed The Walking Dead episodes 1-5, so this shouldn't be an issue. I also have a year long gold membership. I do NOT own a physical copy of the game, but have purchased each episode via the marketplace and they are all installed on the same HDD.

Here's where I have a problem;

When I disconnect from xbox live, the game refreshes it's episode status and I am left with an option to play and an option to 'unlock episode 1'. When selecting either of these options, it treats the game as if it's brand new; does not read my save files, does not read episodes 2-5.. including 400 days.. only to have a 'coming soon' in place of the usual 'play/rewind/delete' etc.

In my frustration, I decided to re-download every single episode. Same issue. I delete everything-- except my save files-- from the storage option and redownload again. Same issue. I also have the title update installed.

Do I have to be online to play? Like I said before, I have no internet connection but have played TWD multiple times offline with absolutely no problems. The game works only when I am signed into xbox live and am online, and since he is disconnecting his internet service this week, I fear I will not be able to play this game for a while now. The only thing I can think of is that when I downloaded episode 1, it was being offered as a free download at the time.

HALP. I need my walking dead fix!
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    If you are using your account on a different Xbox from the one you used to purchase the game, you must be connected to Xbox Live to play it on that console.

    Here is a link to an Xbox support article about this policy.
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