Lost saves, no more saving...???

Telltale!! What's the deal? I've invested not only money, but time and emotion into this game and now it is completely broken. No longer does the game recognize my save data that is located on several storage devices to no avail. I have deleted the game, reinstalled, signed in/out, copied save to flash and it still shows no save data.

Now, when I attempt a new game it will not save any progress. So what was the point in all this decision oriented game story if I can't even keep them? I spent $$ on 400 Days only to be let down and ripped off.

If I buy a defective product from the store, I can return it for a functional product or a refund. What is the solution to this clearly dysfunctional product that is leaving countless dedicated users feeling like I am?

Is a company like Telltale not ISO 9001:2008 certified? Is there no management commitment to quality through continuous improvement and customer satisfaction?

If not, let this be a message to all users. Beware... Let your voice be heard and stop supporting anyone who does not support you.


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    i am having the same issue :( bought 400 days ready to continue from all the previous chapters only too find all my games erased. and now i have played through episode one twice and it will not save it at all. so i cant even replay the whole game and play 400 days :( :mad:
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