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400 days comedy show

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You know if it weren't for the circumstances 400 days would make a great comedy show it would be like a Benny Hill Show parody and it would have five sketches like :
" The Three Stooges of Atlanta "
" Wyatt and Eddie : Bros 4 Life "
" The Misadventures of Russell and Nate "
" Bonnie's Love Triangle of Mistakes "
" Shel and Becca : The Sisters of Trouble "
Which sketch would be the best ?
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  • WalkingDeadFan23;812865 said:
    Kenny needs to make a cameo in The Misadventures of Russell and Nate
    Agreed :) The misadventures of Nate and Kenny... I mean Russel, of course I meant to say Russel *whisper quietly* "I really meant Kenny"
  • I would so play to see that, TELLTALE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
  • I thought of a episode of Bros 4 Life where a woman moves in Wyatt and Eddie's neighborhood and it's Lilly . Wyatt and Eddie fall in love with her and both are now rivals for Lilly's heart but both of them fail miserably and in the end Lilly tells them that she has a boyfriend and his name is Mark and than Larry shows up and beats the crap out of Wyatt and Eddie for trying to hit on her daughter and both of them end up in the hospital .
  • Were they play RPS to see who gets to drive the car home.
  • Also in every episode of Sisters Of Trouble whenever Becca causes trouble , after Roman yells every time at Shel , Clive comes in with a megaphone and shouts in Shel's ear with the megaphone " SHEL , CLEAN UP ON AISLE FIVE NOW ! " and then Clive leaves .
  • All of them sound so funny, but I just have to go with the stooges of Atlanta! Imagine Danny arguing with Justin about "elegant shit" still being shit and Vince trying to be a mediator! Okay it already happenned but still it would be awesome!
  • I really like all of them really.
  • Y'know what I'd REALLY like?

    After Telltale decides TWD is over (NOT ANYTIME NEAR SOON, PLEASE) I'd like them to make a season with 5 episodes and honor the fans by making sketches of characters from previous seasons (of course, assuming there are 5 seasons, otherwise make 1 per season or make less if there are less than 5 seasons) and making sketches like these. Make for a laugh-fest.


    Also, these sketches would be great. :P
    Replace Eddie and Wyatt: Bros for life with Lee and Kenny: Bros for life and you've got yourself a best seller game.
  • It will balance out the unending sadness.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;827709 said:
    It will balance out the unending sadness.
    Exactly. :D
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