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400 days comedy show

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You know if it weren't for the circumstances 400 days would make a great comedy show it would be like a Benny Hill Show parody and it would have five sketches like :
" The Three Stooges of Atlanta "
" Wyatt and Eddie : Bros 4 Life "
" The Misadventures of Russell and Nate "
" Bonnie's Love Triangle of Mistakes "
" Shel and Becca : The Sisters of Trouble "
Which sketch would be the best ?
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  • BubbaFightsUnlimited;827703 said:
    Y'know what I'd REALLY like?

    After Telltale decides TWD is over (NOT ANYTIME NEAR SOON, PLEASE) I'd like them to make a season with 5 episodes and honor the fans by making sketches of characters from previous seasons (of course, assuming there are 5 seasons, otherwise make 1 per season) and making sketches like these. Make for a laugh-fest.


    Also, these sketches would be great. :P
    Replace Eddie and Wyatt: Bros for life with Lee and Kenny: Bros for life and you've got yourself a best seller game.
    Oh i can imagine other sketches like these :
    " The Urban Family " - Lee , Clementine and Carley .
    " Kenny's Adventures of Boats and Ducks " - Kenny , Katjaa and Duck .
    " The Incredible Asshole and his Incredible She-Bitch Daughter and her boyfriend " Larry , Lilly and Mark .
    " The MacGyver of Macon " - Doug .
    " The Unlucky Kids " - Ben and Travis .
    " Cancer hits when you don't suspect " - Vernon and his crew .
    " The Tarzan of Savannah " - Molly .
    " The Magical Hobo " - Chuck .
    " The Save-Lots Punks " - The Bandits .
    " The Innocent St John Family " The St Johns
    " A man and His Missing Station Wagon " - Campman
    " The Funny Guy , The Pregnant Girlfriend and The Cat " - Omid , Christa and their cat .
    And that's it .
  • master psychic;827715 said:
    Oh i can imagine other sketches like these :
    " The Urban Family "

    ...I would hope that Kenny would make a cameo in there.

  • Those all reallly need to become real sketch's, it would make SNL funny again.
  • BubbaFightsUnlimited;827718 said:
    ...I would hope that Kenny would make a cameo in there.

    Well of course , Kenny is Lee , Clem and Carley's friendly neighbour and he comes every morning in every episode and says this in a episode
    " Hey Lee , can you give me some sugar ? And i am not talking about the sugar you are giving to your wife . "
    " Yeah maybe next time Kenny . "
    And then Lee closes the door in Kenny's face and Kenny says " Fucking Urban . "
  • I think tomorrow i am going to make a second part called " The Walking Dead Game Comedy Show " and put those sketches there .
  • You should, you will have me backing it up, even if that is not a whole lot.
  • My Bonnie is over that cornfield
    My Bonnie is over that hill
    Don't risk my Bonnie's life..
    Coz she will end up killing your wife !

    all of them seems pretty funny tho :P
  • BubbaFightsUnlimited;828132 said:
    I'm still waiting. D:
    Waiting for Part two " Walking Dead Comedy Show " ?
  • Yup. :D
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