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400 days comedy show

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You know if it weren't for the circumstances 400 days would make a great comedy show it would be like a Benny Hill Show parody and it would have five sketches like :
" The Three Stooges of Atlanta "
" Wyatt and Eddie : Bros 4 Life "
" The Misadventures of Russell and Nate "
" Bonnie's Love Triangle of Mistakes "
" Shel and Becca : The Sisters of Trouble "
Which sketch would be the best ?
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  • Yeah , I made these two episodes to make fun of Twilight I mean with the werewolves ( Bonnie The Werewolf ) and vampires ( Better Than Twilight ) .
  • I only watched the first. I watch movie reviews on YouTube and.... Well you should see the score they give *cough 0/10 *cough
  • Also , the creator of Twilight is Stephanie Meyer . And Shel's friend Stephanie here says that Twilight rocks . See what I did there ? :D
  • I saw what you did there, clever once again.
  • Wait, what are we talking about here?
  • Yeah , I pretty much made the episodes " Bonnie The Werewolf " and " Better than Twilight " to make fun of Twilight because of the whole werewolves and vampires . Werewolf Bonnie and Vampire Shel would be better protagonists than Edward and Jacob .
  • " The Three Stooges of Atlanta "
    " Justin's Lucky Day " .
    Justin wins the lottery and he is rich . He doesn't want to share his money with Vince and Danny and so they decide to steal his money .
    They sneak in his mansion and they get caught by his bodyguards . Vince calls Justin and he tells him to share with them his money but he refuses and tells Vince to screw off . Vince and Danny decide to unleash the big guns on Justin .
    At night , Vince and Danny burst in and they beat up Justin's bodyguards and they threaten Justin to give them his money but he refuses and they fight .
    After the fight , Wall Street Assholes show up and they say that the lottery was a prank and Justin never won anything and they throw Justin , Vince and Danny out and the mansion explodes . Wall Street laughs at them .
    Vince: Fuck Wall Street .
    Danny: Fuck Wall Street .
    Justin: Fuck Wall Street .
    End of episode .
    " Wyatt and Eddie: Bros 4 Life "
    " Lady Gaga Vs Justin Bieber "
    Eddie is listening to some music and Wyatt is wondering . He finds out that Eddie is listening to Justin Bieber . Wyatt laughs at him and Eddie says that Justin is cool but Wyatt says that he is a dork .
    Wyatt is listening to Lady Gaga and Eddie laughs at him aswell . Wyatt says that Lady Gaga is more awesome than Justin " Dicker " and then Eddie gets angry and says that Justin is more cooler than Lady " Slut " .
    They decide to play RPS to see who is much better . Wyatt wins but Eddie refuses and he turns the music louder and sings louder . Wyatt does the same and then the neighbour shows up and he smashes their stereos and tells them that he wants to sleep .
    They apologise to each other and then Eddie says that Justin is still cooler and they argue again .
    End of episode .
    " The Misadventures of Russell and Nate "
    " Nate and Youtube "
    Nate is in his truck and he is bored . When he looks at the docks , he sees Kenny beating up a dolphin and he decides to record him . He records Kenny and he decides to put the video on Youtube and name it " The dumbass fisherman beats up a dolphin " . His video gets famous and decides to put more videos .
    At the WABE Studio , Carley is having trouble with a radio and she gets angry and smashes it to pieces and Nate records it . At UGA , when Lee sits on his chair , his chair explodes meaning that some students put some firecrackers on the chair and Nate records it . Larry is beating up a guy for dropping junk on his property and Nate records it . Ben is ..... doing nothing and Nate records him . Omid is fighting with his cat and Nate records it .
    At the docks , Kenny is fishing and Henry is laughing .
    Kenny: What's up ? You have a squirrel in your pants ?
    Henry: Nah man . I'm just watching this funny video on Youtube . It's called " The dumbass fisherman beats up a dolphin " .
    Kenny: He sounds like a real dumbass to me .
    Henry: Kenny , the dumbass is you !
    Kenny: What ?
    Henry: Just look at the video .
    Kenny looks at the video and he is mad . He visits Lee and also there is Larry , Omid and Ben . Lee and Carley tell Kenny that someone recorded them aswell .
    Ben: This guy recorded me doing nothing !
    Everybody: SHUT UP BEN !
    They decide to find the guy and they call Doug . He manages to find the one who recorded them by using hidden cameras and they find out that the one who recorded them is Nate . They decide to pay Nate a visit .
    At home , Nate is famous because of his videos and decides to record more . Lee , Carley , Kenny , Larry and Omid show up and they beat up Nate and Ben records them beating up Nate .
    They leave and then Russell shows up and asks Nate what happened .
    Nate: Russ ... This is why you should never post videos on Youtube .
    End of episode .
  • Three Stooges Of Atlanta
    "Danny's Date"

    Danny is preparing for his first date, and he asks Justin and Vince for advice.

    Justin: Here, give her this. *Hands $5000*
    Danny: How'd you get this, man?
    Justin: Did you read the news? About the bank robbery?
    Danny: No...
    Justin: Good.
    Vince: Give her this! *Hands gun*
    Danny: Why?
    Vince: If her brother tries to stop you, you shoot him.
    Danny: Ok. I'll take your guys advice.

    Next day

    Vince: How'd it go?
    Danny: She thought I was a gangster, wih the money and gun, the she called her brother Larry. He came and kicked me in the balls.

  • Nice episode , Cany . :D
  • I decides to make special episodes for 400 Days Comedy Show aswell .
    " The Three Stooges of Atlanta "
    " Vincules "
    After another failed bussiness , Justin and Danny are sad and Vince decides to cheer them up by telling them a story and it is " Hercules "
    The cast:
    Hercules - Vince
    Philoctetes/Phil - Justin
    Hades - Nate
    Megara - Shel
    Pegasus - Danny
    Zeus - Lee
    Hera - Carley
    Pain - Wyatt
    Panic - Eddie
    Amphitryon - Kenny
    Alcmene - Katjaa

    After imprisoning the Titans beneath the ocean, the Greek gods Lee and his wife Carley have a son named Vince. While the other gods are joyful, Lee' jealous brother Nate plots to overthrow Lee and rule Mount Olympus. Turning to the Fates for help, Nate learns that in eighteen years, a planetary alignment will allow Nate to locate and free the Titans to conquer Olympus, but only if Vince does not interfere. Nate sends his minions Wyatt and Eddie to dispose of Vince. The two succeed at kidnapping and feeding him a formula that turns him mortal, but fail to remove his superhuman strength before Vince is found and adopted by the farmers Kenny and Katjaa.

    Years later, the teenaged Vince becomes an outcast due to his strength, and wonders where he came from. After his foster parents reveal the necklace they found him with, Vince decides to visit the temple of Lee for answers. The temple's statue of Lee comes to life and reveals all to Vince, telling him that he can regain his godhood by becoming a "true hero". Lee sends Vince and his forgotten infant-hood friend Danny to find the satyr Justintetes—"Justin" for short—who is known for training heroes. The two meet Justin, who has retired from training heroes due to numerous disappointments, but Vince inspires him to follow his dream to train a true hero who will be recognized by the gods. Justin trains Vince into a potential hero, and when he is older, they fly for Thebes. On the way, they meet Shelara—"Shel" for short—a sarcastic damsel who Vince saves from the centaur Roman. However, after Vince, Justin, and Danny leave, Shel is revealed to be Nate' minion, having sold her soul to him to save an unfaithful lover.

    Arriving in Thebes, Vince is turned down by the downtrodden citizens until Shel says that two boys are trapped in a gorge. Vince saves them, unaware that they are Wyatt and Eddie in disguise, allowing Nate to summon the Hydra to fight Vince. Vince continually cuts off its heads, but more heads replace them until Vince kills the monster by causing a landslide. Vince is seen as a hero and a celebrity, but Lee tells Vince he is not yet a true hero. Driven to depression, Vince turns to Shel, who is falling in love with him. Nate learns of this and on the eve of his takeover, offers a deal that Vince give up his powers for twenty-four hours on the condition that Shel will be unharmed. Vince accepts, losing his strength, and is heartbroken when Nate reveals that Shel is working for him.

    Nate unleashes the Titans who climb Olympus and capture the gods, while a Cyclops goes to Thebes to kill Vince. Justin inspires Vince to fight and kill the cyclops, but Shel is crushed by a falling pillar saving Vince from it, allowing him to regain his strength. Vince and Danny fly to Olympus where they free the gods and launch the Titans into space where they explode, though Shel dies before he returns to her. With Shel's soul now Nate' property, Vince breaks into the Underworld where he negotiates with Nate to free Shel from the Styx in exchange for his own life. His willingness to sacrifice his life restores his godhood and immortality before the life-draining river can kill him, and he rescues Shel and punches Nate into the Styx. After reviving Shel, she and Vince are summoned to Olympus where Lee and Carley welcome their son home. However, Vince chooses to remain on Earth with Shel. Vince returns to Thebes where he is hailed as a true hero as Lee creates a picture of Vince in the stars commemorating his heroism.

    Vince finishes his story and Justin has a new idea . He buys a Hercules costume and puts it on Vince and says that Vince is going to be the main attraction and they are going to make a lot of money .
    End of episode .
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