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The Walking Dead Episode 2 Mid-Game Crashes

posted by OmgIHazDpenz on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users
Hello. I beat the walking dead twice awhile ago and was hyped for 400 days. When it was announced I relaunched it and found my saves were gone, not a big problem. I started a new game and beat the first episode, I got near the end of the second episode where I walk into the dairy for supper and it plays maybe until everyone is in the dining room then it crashes. It couldn't be my game because I beat the first episode, then I just finished 400 days (with random generated choices) and played up until the halfway mark for episode 3 with no crashing or lag problems at all. Just this particular spot in the game
Does anyone have a fix for this or had it happened to them? Or is it a bug that might be fixed in an update.
This guy had the same problem as me but it's still not been anwsered
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