Can't use the things I've collected, batteries,bandaid, etc

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Please help me. How can I use the stuff I've collected? I can see them on the side of the screen. I tried to retrieve them with my mouse without success.


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    If you can use the item on an object, there will already be an option that you press.

    For instance, if you have the batteries in your inventory, then there should be an option for her which is to give her the batteries.
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    Thanks, but I am not getting the prompts to use them. For ex. The little girl cut her finger and I found the bandaid. I stood in front of her to apply the bandaid. the prompt did not come. When I tried to leave the room the little girl cries that her finger hurts
    I go to the little girl and there is no option to apply band aid. Then I go back to the first aid kit and dude says "I'm glad I don't need anything in here"

    I see the band aid and the batteries and walkie talkie that I have energy bar, but I can't use them.

    Got any ideas?
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    What are you playing it on? When you click on Clem there could be an option to look at her finger and then another option after that to put the band aid on her.
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