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204 - Chariots of the Dogs - Egg (not really a hint)

posted by Ciremi on - last edited - Viewed by 268 users
Not really a request for a hint, but I just feel like I missed something from the game and wanted to know.

It was Max in the game who originally dropped a hint that he wanted us to pick up the Boxing Betty remote to go boxing later, after saying something like "Haven we even used anything from our office?"

The only way to get the egg is to get the Betty remote. But my problem was, had there been no hint system (with Max saying he wanted to go boxing later) how was the pick up of the remote motivated without the Max hint? Just clicking on everything?
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  • Basically. l mean I didnt use the hint when I picked up the remote. The remote is suppose to be inside the closet as a treasure from one of the previous casesand because it is at some random location, not to mention a bit saturated in color, lead me to click on it.
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    Adventure-Gamer Rule #1(simplified): Click on Everything you get under you cursor! Maybe its brings progress, maybe its funny.
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