400 Days still Coming Soon

Hi TT,

It's already 9th July, the game is supposed to have been released on XLA here but when I load the game, it still shows Coming Soon. I've read many comments here having same issues on this but I could not understand as there were just too many variety of answers provided until it confused me.

Would be good if someone could enlighten me. Mine's coming from Singapore region (does it have anything to do with this?)


  • MattPMattP ModeratorTelltale Staff
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    Currently there are a few regions that do not offer 400 Days at this time even though Season 1 is available for purchase there. Singapore would be one of those regions. We are working on adding 400 Days to the catalog in these regions, and hope to do so soon. We apologize for the delay.
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    Hmm.. sorry I don't quite get it when you mentioned that it does not offer in Singapore region when clearly your announcements states the release is X-Box Live worldwide...
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