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Sam&Max Season 3 Graphics Problem

posted by PsychoClown on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
Hello everyone!
I have a problem with graphics in the 3rd season of Sam&Max. Even on the Graphics Quality set to 1 my FPS is very low (around 20FPS). It also happens in Poker Night. I could just assume that my notebook isn't advanced enough, but it runs The Walking Dead on highest graphics settings in over 60FPS! I have Intel Core i7 2670QM, 2.2GHz; 4GB RAM; nVidia GeForce GT540M (1GB) and Win7.
If anyone could provide a solution to the problem it'd great! ;)
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  • Um, can anyone help me with this problem, please?
    I wrote an e-mail to TellTale Support but didn't receive any answer! :(
    Help, I can't play my favourite game! :(
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