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Not recognising saves

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Yes...another saves post

When I first finished episode 4 and moved on to episode 5, I stopped about halfway after the last save before Doug's death (jumping in to save Christie). When I went back to it the next day, it starts off on episode 4, as Lee find's Clementine's hat. This kept happening, even though I have save files from after I passed that part. I have since installed 500 days and played a bit, and every time I load it still starts at the end of episode 4. I initially thought it was because I live in Australia so my saves are in a different format to American dates (dd/mm/yyyy as opposed to mm/dd/yyyy) but even if that is the case, there are saves after that. The game says on my savefile that it was last saved 7/5/13 (7th May in Aus) but there are save files the next day that are 8/5/13 (8th May in Aus, but 5th Aug USA). Can anyone offer any advice?
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