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The Walking Dead wont start

posted by Jacinto on - last edited - Viewed by 3K users
I click the .exe then click to start once it loads. I get the connecting bar, then nothing. Half an hour goes by and it just has "The Walking Dead" on the screen with nothing happening. What do I do to fix this? I have restarted it several times. Please do not say uninstall and reinstall because telltale has download problems a lot. I feel like I should have bought it on steam but I wanted to show appreciation for the company that developed it and bought it here. Telltale, please make sure your games actually work the customers before selling them and consider giving us steam key versions since steam's downloaders actually work.

Edit: I got it to get past that screen by running it in win 98 mode, which I should NOT have to do, and it says I only have episode 1 and all the rest are "coming soon." I had the season pass and I bought this game when episode 2 came out. Smarten up Telltale. You're gonna lose a lot of business on this one if you don't fix it and KEEP it fixed. My old PC games never spontaneously break down so what's the excuse on this?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Please follow the instructions to run the Support Tool and attach the resulting "" to your next reply in this thread.
  • Sending the file. This time when I started the game it said "get" on all the episodes I already own and have downloaded and my saves are gone.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Please disable the compatibility mode. It's likely to cause problems. It also changes the savegame location, which is why you don't see the saves and episodes anymore.

    The actual issue is, that the game is downloading patches at the start, which can take some time.

    Directory of C:\Users\Jason\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\SyncFs\Temp
    07/09/2013 02:09 PM 5,654,286 867a9e0a3bd4df755c83631c8d6039a8
    07/09/2013 01:59 PM 4,858,728 a8b597764c6578665350f81325ea16ce

    I can tell by the temp folder, that that is the case, so please start the game again and give it time.
  • So hidden patching then? Cause it does not say it is patching. Also can I alt+tab and do other things like talk to friends or would that pause the download? Should I keep it to run in administrator mode? Also thanks for the help.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    It doesn't have to run as admin.
    Yes, sadly there's no indicator that it's downloading. It shouldn't take long anymore though. If I'm not mistaken it's mainly Episode 5 patches that are missing, and the biggest files are done already.
  • Alright thanks again for everything. I kinda wish I didn't restart my save back to episode 1 way back now cause I thought season 1 was totally done, heh. Downloading 400 days now and then playing the game all over from scratch again.
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