Pc Retail version doesn't uninstall fully?

When I selected "Keep config and save games" while uninstalling the retail DVD version(so I could shift over to the Steam version for 400 Days... thanks for the code guys!), it appeared not to do anything to the game except deny it access to the save games, and delete the desktop shortcut.

As a result it appears to be taking up an extra 3 gigs of hdd space. I was quite worried when i noticed it was still there and having loaded it up to see that my save game appeared to be gone(was sooo relieved when it showed up in the Steam version!!! Immediatly backed up the saves!!!!)

Can I manually uninstall it(as it's a waste of 3gig of space)? or does the Steam version of the game need these files to remain intact?

I assume the files telling the game which folder the saves were in was probably deleted?

If anyone that has the PC Retail version also is having this weird issue, this thread is for you so you also don't get freaked out that it's still there and your saves "are gone", while switching over to the Steam edition!
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