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Game has 0% sound

posted by SonicRPR on - last edited - Viewed by 790 users

got this game from my wife (haven't seen the series yet but heard good things about it).

Sound from my 360 (elite 250Gb) works perfectly untill I start the game. 0% sound (yes I looked at the options and they were all on ;)).

At this point I played through episode 1 with subs. Really missing something and hope someone knows an answer to the problem.

Don't have any freezes or save problems (as of yet).

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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Are you using a headset or do you have the sound connected to your tv/receiver? Also, are you forcing 5.1 audio? I ask this because our game only supports stereo.
  • Well that was a life saver, turned digital audio to forced stereo and I got sound ;) cheers for that.....never thought about it though, first time I had this problem (and it's about my 300th 360 game :))

    Again thanks, can play the last 2 episodes with sound (and think I will start over to be honost)
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