400 days not working on my ps3

I've bought walking dead 400 days on the playstation store, and have downloaded both the bluray and digital copy's
Then after I install them, I can't play it. There not in my games section and when I put in my walking dead game disc in, I go past episode 5 to 400 days and it still says its "coming soon"
How the hell do you play it?
If I go to game data utility I can see they are there installed at 533mb

Is anyone else having this problem??


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    i have the same problem but i think i know why it happened. i downloaded the dlc on my uk account instead of the usa one on which i bought s1. trying to figure out what to do.
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    Oh really? I only have an Australian account which I purchased it off psn, but I have the bought disc game edition i don't know if that makes a difference?
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    Where do you live and where did you buy the disc version? I live in Holland and bought an American disc, and I couldn't play the DLC I purchased from PSN either. If you bought an American disc and the DLC from the European PSN or vice versa, the two are not compatible. You can always download Episode 1 free from PSN if you want to play 400 days, but your original save file will be lost.
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    I'm having a similar problem. I have the retail version of Season One for the PS3 -- I purchased 400 days and downloaded it. It's definitely downloaded, but when I try and play the game its status, instead of "installed" is "get" (as though it had not been downloaded). I tried downloading it again, but no joy. Emailing Telltale hasn't helped either as I haven't had any response (except for an automated one).
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    My hubby had the same problem. He even downloaded it twice...Did you try putting in the Walking Dead season 1 game? When we did that and picked a saved game, you see 400 Days right after episode 5. Try that.
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