Beware where you buy the game from.

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If you have the US version of the game and buy the EU add-on you are stuck with a game that does not work. Sony support say its your fault and to suck it up. This would happen the other way around also.

My GF wanted the physical copy of the game. I couldn't find an EU version so I got a US version. Surely not a big deal, Playstation isn't limited by region DRM. Or... so I thought...

I assumed that because games worked anywhere addons would just work. I didn't even know there was more than one store. I thought there was just the PlayStation store. I assumed the only difference between being in different countries was the language and perhaps the availability of games. I mean. The Walking Dead is The Walking Dead no matter where you buy it right?

Well no.. no it isn't. Apparently there is a sheet of paper in games warning about this. I have never seen it. Apparently it is in the ToS for the store. I thought people didn't read those.

Contacted Sony Support about this honest mistake and was told tough. I thought owning PS3, Vita, PS+ and spending a several hundred pounds on games would make some sort of different. Apparently not. Cannot even be refunded with credit.

Trying to escalate the complaint but the support guy seemed confused about this so who knows.

So yeah. Be careful what version you buy.


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    Think I did this.

    I bought the US version of the game before it was available in Australia, and then today I just bought the AU version of 400 Days, but my game won't recognise that it's installed on the system.

    Not to mention in Australia, the game costs $7.25 instead of $4.99. So that's more money wasted, all because I wanted to support Telltale and buy the game.
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    If anyone is to blame it is Sony. This mistake is so easy to make and instead of helping Sony Support say it is clear in the terms and conditions that it is my fault I brought the wrong game. Citing this:

    Services purchased from us may not be compatible with software, systems or other Sony Systems licensed for sale outside Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania; we give no warranty about compatibility with such software, systems or other Sony Systems and you will not be entitled to a refund if you cannot use Services for this reason.
    1. BluRay disc's are region free. They work everywhere. It is not unreasonable to think that you can buy addon's for the game you own regardless of where it is from. i.e. As the disc is region free it is easy to expect the store to be region free also.
    2. The store doesn't prompt you to tell you that you do not have the required game purchased or installed.
    3. The store doesn't indicate at all that each region has a different store and that downloads between stores result in different content being downloaded.
    4. There is no way, at least no obvious way, to switch the region of your store.
    5. Even reading the terms and conditions it is easy to stumble into this problem anyway.

    The issue isn't with Telltale. The issue is with Sony Support. They could recredit your account and remove the game. They could just update your account with a license for the correct game. If there is a discrepancy in price between copies of the same game they could take the difference from your wallet. This would cost Sony nothing. Instead they wave the ToS in your face and basically say Fuck You.

    Considering what the average gamer invests in Sony games I would have thought actually helping the customer fix a mistake they will only make once is far better than alienating them.

    TellTale. You must know people above grunt level at Sony. I would be incredibly grateful if you could raise this issue. It is obvious a number of your customers are having this problem. Sony's policy regarding this is backwards.
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    I'm not blaming Telltale, I'm just lamenting that in an effort to buy their product, I was thwarted from playing the game. Just a bit ticked off in general. Agreed with you about Sony.

    I guess if nothing comes from it, I'll just buy the American version. Don't see how else I'll be able to play it.
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