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400 days download stops at 99%

posted by deaddreamnation on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
Hey yall so i have tried to download the 400 days episode to my ipad 3 and it just stops at 99%. My friend is also having the same issue. I have tried to download through my normal wifi and through a vpn, but no luck either way. i have also killed the app, i have restarted the ipad, deleted the app and change,

any ideas??
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We are aware of this issue, and currently investigating a potential solution. Please try shutting down the game application and turning off your device. Wait a few minutes for the cache to clear and then restart the device. Make sure you are logged into the iTunes account that purchased the game before attempting the download again. If you continue to experience this issue, please try connecting to another network connection and try the download again.
  • So, strangely enough, i tried to install using a different wifi than where i was having the issue and it downloaded with no problem.
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