Need help on the ps3 version

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i can't continue from any episode and it won't let me rewind either in the ps3 version and i've had to play the first ep 3 times now can i have some help please


  • MattPMattP ModeratorTelltale Staff
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    Can you please provide more information about your situation. Have you played the game before? Do you have a completed save file? What do you see for each episode when on the episode select screen? Any details you can provide will help us greatly.

    Also, please specify any information you can about the version of the game you are playing, including if it's digital or disc, what region you are in, what region the game is from, what version number you have (can be found on the Information tab for the game data if digital or in the Game Data Utility folder if playing the disc), and if you've transferred the save from another location, such as an old ps3 or cloud save.
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