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Game keeps freezing at the menu (360)

posted by Christian3111 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
When I get to the menu and hit start, it freezes like a second later. Anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it? I have the disc version and I just downloaded 400 Days the other day.
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  • This is utter bullshit. I payed for a new Walking Dead game for this DLC plus the price of a new DLC. Fuck this.
  • I'm having this exact problem too. I open the game, I get The Walking Dead with a prompt to 'press start' and after I do that it gives me the note about not exiting when the game is saving and after I okay that it goes black and nothing happens. At all. I've tried waiting it out (for ten minutes) and I've tried re-downloading, rebooting my 360. Nothing works. Money down the drain, it seems, as now I can't access the game at all. I'm pretty upset at this point.
  • I have the same problem. Got the DLC when it came out and was sitting down to play it today, but it wont start. I dosent freeze the Xbox, I can still get back to the Xbox menu but the game freeze. It would be nice if this would get fixed
  • Ditto. When I press start at the title screen the loading icon hangs and then stays on that screen for ∼5min. Then when I finally get through to the episode menu the "press A" to start doesn't seem to register. Any fix?
  • I've also experienced this issue. I have the disk version. I press start, I get the spinning icon, then the game freezes. I can still eject the disk, but otherwise the game freezes my xbox. I have also downloaded the add on episode. I've tried selecting my hard drive, which has my saved games on it, or the cloud based saved games. Neither work correctly. I'm a software engineer, so if there is anything I can do to provide debugging information, feel free to email me.
  • I have mailed telltales support about this. Lets see if I get an answer
  • Getting a bad reponse from a support makes me very mad. Today I got his mail from tell tale support:

    "I apologize for the delayed response. Please make sure that your 400 Days and The Walking Dead are both from the same region. They are incompatible if they are from different regions. For example if you have a US disc of The Walking Dead and a European version of 400 Days, they will not work together. Also if you are playing with the digital version of episode one, make sure that you have the full game installed, and not just the demo."

    From this response I think, well, maybe it's possible that I bought a disc version from another country and played on my Xbox that cant play games from other regions. No, thats not the case. And I guess that there might be someone out there that think they can play a DLC with just a demo installed. I didnt think that that would work Before the telltale support told me that.

    Is this the support? Do they think I'm stupid? Maybe. But then they are just as stupid that think that this is the reason why the game freezing for us
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