Issues with PS3 Walking Dead 400 Days

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I recently purchased the PS3 version of the latest Walking Dead DLC and have a weird bug where if I die, the game crashes and I lose all progress. This has happened twice, not counting a weird bug that forced me to restart.

Now here's where it might get a little weird. I received the first two Walking Dead chapters for free because I was PS Plus member. Then I purchased the rest of the chapters. I then let my PS Plus membership lapse, so I don't have access to the first two chapters of the Walking Dead game. So when I started 400 Days it asked if I wanted to randomly generate the choices from the chapter I'm missing. I said Yes.

I can't save any progress during 400 Days and a death results in the game locking up on a black screen. When I restart and play again, the game seems to think it's my first time playing. Not sure what to do about all this.


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    I have also been having the same problem with the 400 Days DLC. After uninstalling the games off of my PS3 to clear up space and then re-installing the first chapter so that the DLC would play. It's rather buggy loading the game and when it does load, any time I die the game completely crashes to black screen and I loose all my progress so far.

    After your Walking Dead series won over 80 game of the year awards, I was disappointed to find that a glitch like this appeared in your game and has not yet been patched. I'm further appalled to see that the above poster hasn't had a reply in over a week after his post in a game support thread with neither information about the issue or condolences for the fact this problem exists.
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    I have the same problem and i am very annoyed plus i played the walking dead episode 1 - 5 on my pc and then i wanted to play the dlc on my ps3 so i bought it on my ps3 and then i found out that i have to at least buy episode 1 on my ps3. Fortunately, i just downloaded the demo and the dlc worked there but i cant save the game and i encountered a few glitches as well. On top of that when i die i encounter that i have to turn my ps3 off. Episodes 1 - 5 played perfect and i am very disappointed with telltale...
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