[Steam/PC] Game doesn't launch. Silently.

Okay, I:
1. Don't have anything like gamepad
2. Running Win7x64
3. DO have latest drivers and DX
4. DO NOT have intel integrated cideocard, but GTX570 instead
5. DID try enabling/disabling game's and steam's compatibility-mode/run-as-admin settings.
6. Checked gamefiles integrity.
7. Tried reinstalling it.

Nothing matters - it plain doesn't work. No errors, not even blink of a window or flick of a screen.
I played previously other TTG games without issues. What should I do to launch it?

Support data attached


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator
    edited July 2013
    I don't know what is happening there.
    The only unusual thing i notice is the Windows version 7601.win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850.
    When was the last time you installed windows updates?
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