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The Walking Dead coming soon (Steam)

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Hi there

Ive noticed a couple of threads for this already and ive followed the advice given by the mod to download the fault finding tool and uploaded the results with this post. I really dont want to lose my progress to date, ive been fairly lucky and managed to keep the same data since the very first episode, would hate to have to do it again since it was so heart breaking the first time through.

Hope you can help, let me know if you need any more details, just to confirm, i bought the game originally directly from this store, there was an issue and Telltale gave us the full game via Steam too. Not sure if this has any bearing on the current issue, if it does and i need to download the standalone game, is there a way to migrate my save file?

edit - ah crap, i had two windows open and posted this in the wrong place, i cant see an option to move a post so ill re-raise this in the correct place. Feel free to ignore/delete/close this thread
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I don't see anything unusual in the data.
    Does it say "coming soon" on all episodes or only some?
    Do you have any security software (e.g. firewall) that could interfere with the game?
  • Hiya

    No, all epsiodes are sitting at complete right now except 400 days which is saying "coming soon", i played through the full series last year, this is literally the first time ive booted it up since then. Im running McAffee antivirus plus which has a built in firewall, ill try disabling it just incase but it was enabled when i downloaded the game previously. Worth a shot though, sorry for posting this in the wrong place ^_^
  • I turned off the firewall just incase and told it to come back on after another reboot, shut down Steam, ended the running processes for it and started it up again. It did seem to take a few seconds more when the game contacted the server but again, all episodes are sitting with "installed" next to them and 400 days is on its own at the bottom with "coming soon".
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Have you bought 400 days for steam already?
    I don't know what it should show if you haven't, but on my system it shows coming soon too, but it's available for me to buy on steam.

    Otherwise i suggest you play it for free by installing the TTG store version of the game.
    Both versions use the same savegame folder, so you'll have them automatically.
    I suggest you make a backup copy of the savegames first though just in case.
  • Ah okay, thats fine then, i dont mind as long as i get to continue the game as i left off, ill download the client from the store just now and keep going.

    Thank you so much for clearing that up, the thought of going through all that heartbreak again from episode 1 right up to 5 was making me worried, its a great story but it really puts your heart through a shredder ^_^
  • Unfortunatley i just downloaded the stand alone client, went into the episode selection part and 400 days dosent even show up in the available dlc. Looks like im not meant to play this episode...
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    DjNDB Moderator
    That's unfortunate.
    If you post fresh support tool data i can look if there's anything i can see.
  • I loaded up the stand alone client again and 400 days appeared, i downloaded it, closed the game and when i went into Steam just to check, it was showing as installed. Not sure if it just picked up the extra data or if a patch has been deployed but either way all is working now.

    Thanks again for all of your help with this, it looks like i originally set my download folder for both Steam and the stand alone client to the same place, of course you still need to have the 400 days permissions on your account, but it seems that if you do and download the data through the standalone client it picks it up on Steam too.
  • Just anyone that tries the fix i tried, be aware, doing this works and the game plays fine but it does cause massive loading times between screens, looks like i may have desynced it slightly. On the upside, you still get all the steam achievements and when the game is running it runs perfectly.
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