Game finally decides to laucnh and there are no save files. Running choppy / can I. .

Trying not to make this a long post -- I have gotten to episode 5 in the game, or at least the part in between episodes. This was back in December and since then I just haven't had the drive to play the game. When I re-installed today I couldn't even run the game, it was crashing constantly. I finally found a fix online for that and got to the game -- there are no save files here.

I looked and found this article[1] -- I have my old save files, but none of them are working using this method. I've tried 3 so far and while the game recognizes that it is a valid save -- when I boot it up there is just a black screen.

Also, the game is running EXTREMELY choppy. I have a top of the line computer and my crappy laptop is running it better than this machine.

I'm getting very annoyed right now. I paid 25 dollars + the five for DLC when this game and it's unplayable. Is there any fixes to any of this?:mad:


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