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How Do you think Clive,Boyd and Joyce escape Savannah and survived into 400 days?

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Do you think they actually got the boat out to water and then lived on the sea for awhile then somehow ran into Roman and Shel and their group?
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  • I have a feeling Vernon got obsessed and they tried warning him the street was over-run. However they just ditched him and he died. I hate Vernon.
  • Hell yea... I like the way you folks think!
  • Clive's Afro projected a shield of light that vaporized any zombies who came near.
  • OMG Clive is in the thread

  • DonovanVO wrote: »
    hell yea... I like the way you folks think!

    Clive for season 2!!!
  • Clive for season 2, screw it Clive for protagonist of season 2.
  • Wow! That would be awesome. Highly unlikely... but still, a boy can dream. Sick Octopus, that gif made me actually lol. Nice work.
  • Nope. I get no special info. Sorry.
  • What if? Vernon actually shot Lee and was so traumatized it sent him into a horrible depression causing him to fantasize about the rest of Lee's life, and it represents through different ways.

    i.e Lee's best friend Kenny wanted a boat, so Vernon wanted a boat

    Not only that but what if '400 Days' is a special utopia for his daughter and friends to live (other than Brie who he feel should die since she told him to shoot Lee) and Shel is Vernons daughter who was pregnant but died, however in Vernons world Shel had her daughter and named her 'Becca'.

    Roman is Vernons brother who also died at the hands of walkers, and 'The Stranger' is actually Vernons father who was mean-spirited and manipulative as a father figure (Which is why he's crazy but nice to kids such as Clementine).

    But in reality everyone comforts Vernon as he continues fantasizing the adventures of Clementine (since Lee died and no one can look after her).

    ...Nevermind I think I'm crazy.
  • Crazy.

    Or genius?
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