Lost my Saves in PS3 - The Walking Dead

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I know another saves issues, I bought the 400 days later DLC last week and I wanted to play tonight but when I access the game non of my saves data was there. I checked and the file is there and weights 3458kb.
I check the forum but most of the issues are related to PC and the PS3 issue doesn't have much info because of lack of facts.
Is this a known issue? do I have to play all over again?
I don't want to start the season 2 with some random game generated content.

I did notice a couple of weeks ago some updates to the digital version of the PS3, could this mess it up everything?


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    I just found out about 400 days today and downloaded it as soon as I got home from work. when I tried loading it up my saves were not there. I originally got episodes 1 & 2 for free from playstation plus but loved the game so much that I bought the season pass even though it would have been cheaper to buy the remaining episodes. at first I thought the problem was with the cloud save, but I copied it to the hard drive and still had the same problem. while I was trying to figure out the problem I went to the buy section and noticed that it said episode 1 was not purchased! I went to download it but it is trying to charge me. so I figure it's some type of glitch and so I delete it and would re download the game. when I went to the store for the season pass it was trying to charge me again! I then went to my download section and it shows me getting the theme and episodes 2-5 but not the season pass or episode one. I am dying to play the game (pun intended) and would appreciate any help in the matter. I have the usa download version.
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    Telltale folks, I have the exactly same issue Gorkken reported.

    I bought Season Pass on March 1st, tried to play Episode 3 yesterday on my PS3, and my save doesn't work, and it appears in game that I didn't aquired Episode 1 and the Season Pass. In my download list, it doesn't appear Episode 1 and Season Pass, but the Premium Theme is there. The Season Pass also casts normally on my Services List.

    Is there already any solution for this bug/glitch/etc.? =/
  • This also happened to me, and I have to admit I'm pretty angry about this one. I had downloaded the first 2 for free, then purchased the other 3 to finish it. I had finished the 3rd episode a couple of months ago and was looking forward to finishing the game and everything is gone. My initial impressions were "this game is pretty fantastic", but as for right now I can't say I feel that way. This issue really needs to be fixed if I'm ever going to spend more money on any of your games.

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    Telltale folks, I have the exactly same issue Gorkken reported. I bought Season Pass on March 1st, tried to play Episode 3 yester

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    If you let your Plus subscription expire then you no longer have access to titles from the Instant Game Collection. In this circumstance you will only load the trial version of Episode 1, and not have access to features live saving. If you purchased a Season Pass, please uninstall your game and then reinstall all episodes, including the unlock key for Episode 1. You should now have access to your save games again. If you have any other questions regarding the Instant Game Collection and your Plus subscription, please contact Sony Support.

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