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Why hate on Becca ?

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Why do people hate on Becca , i mean she is just a kid .
Yes she is acting very rude and dark like Carl , but maybe Shel can change her depending on our choices like when season 2 comes out , Becca will become a good person if your Shel was nice and din't decide to kill the intruder and kill Stephanie . Or if you make Shel rude and kill the intruder and Stephanie than Becca will become a villain in season 2 or possibly like Lilly i guess .
So why do you guys hate on Becca ?
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  • Because she is annoying? Personally I don't hate her, but that's my guess.
  • Well in the 20 minutes or so we knew her to me she seemed like a little psychopath. If we had her instead of Clem I would have abandoned her or probably shot her myself. I could definitely see her going the way of Lily,that being said she could change over a few episodes.
  • I dont hate her at all and I dont think she was being particularly rude. She is growing up in an environment that is hardening her. She's learning that you have to be uncompromising to survive. What is she, 12 or 13? She's not as innocent as Clementine because she's not as young. If Clem was that age, she might be acting the same way. Thats why her sister is trying to preserve her innocence. Ive always thought people were being too hard on her. She's a kid.
  • I'm willing to say I'd realistically in an apocalypse would either end up as a Ben or A Becca...

    I'd either be someone completely useful who gets everyone killed...
    Or I'd end up as someone very warped who is not above killing...
  • She seemed to be acting pretty realistically. Everyone's personalities (or mood) had changed after the break in. Go back and replay it, and she acts how a normal young person would act. Also, if you let her check on the guns, she won't get upset at Shel...or rather if you're nice to her, she's nice to you, just like in real life.

    Seriously, if you tell her "Fine. You do it" during the kill or not kill Stephanie, she'll actually have a shocked look on her face, and then recollect herself. I really do believe she was trying to build a shield around herself, and wasn't trying to be "annoying" as some are putting it. Also, everyone during the camp scene during Tavia's story was in a bad mood, and not just Becca, considering all that's happened to them.

    I guess none of you have had siblings or teenagers to deal with.
  • She's a kid growing up in Hell.

    Seemed unnaturally normal during Day 236, but the break-in obviously hurt her. Can't really blame her outlook later on.
  • I f*cking hate her. Because she is annoying and I hate her attitude, just argh! I want to strangle her, I hate her so much!
  • I didn't exactly hate her, nor like her tooo much, she was okay, I mean she did most probably go through much shit just like anyone else, why, if everyone is in a bad mood, and jumps to quick conclusions can she not be a bit like that as well? She is paranoid, and has every right to be. On the other hand it was a bit too much for a kid, she could at least feel a bit worse about things, and be more unsure and shy, not like that fucking Carl. I. Hate. Carl. Sooo much. But I think Becca isn't all like that, at least besides her interest for guns she likes to play guitar and cards and stuff. I just hope, that if she reapears, which seems quite likely, we'll be able to determine whether she'll be nicer, or Lilly V2...
  • It creeps me out that Becca looks exactly like Clem in a few years...
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    OlgaSedova BANNED
    I'm sorry but she's a cunt! Clem needs to kick her spoiled ass in season 2.
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