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Who Should be the Most Responsible for the Group's Downfall?

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Lately, I've been seeing more of that who killed who again, and it poses an interesting question.

Who really was the biggest threat in Season 1?
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  • Shouldn't Kenny be up there aswell, I personally don't blame him for the downfall but I could understand if others might considering the chain reaction caused by the meat locker. I don't think any one person caused the downfall rather as many factors such as Meat Locker,Bandits,Lily,The Boat,The Stranger and The Herd. Even Clem could be blamed as playing a part in the downfall
  • I'm waiting for my Kenny option...
  • I'm going to say the Saint Johns because of the meat locker scene if they hadn't put them in the meat locker then Larry wouldn't of had heart attack and then Lilly wouldn't have snapped and we wouldn't have had to kill the Saint Johns bandits wouldn't have attacked and made Kennys family die and wouldn't have made Ben want to do all that stupid stuff and made Kenny want to kill him so, yeah Saint Johns should have just gave us rolls and not been Cannibals and left us alone we might have survived
  • If the Saint Johns had not been there we would have never met Ben...
    Larry would never have died...
    However the bandits may have attacked a lot earlier...
    It is hard to say as the Saint Johns are the reasons Lilly and Ben became threats and theoretically we wouldn't have met the Stranger if we hadn't stolen from his car when we were retuning from the dairy...
    However without Ben we wouldn't know everyone is infected and Kenny and Lilly would have squabbled over leaving bases and the bandits without Ben would have attacked a lot earlier...

    The Saint Johns are the cause of all the problems but were most definitely the solution to unforeseen problems...
  • The Stranger. Ben, too, but not as much. The Stranger made the group get side-tracked looking for him and he kidnaped Clementine, which caused the death of Ben, Kenny (maybe), and possibly Christa and Omid. He also split the whole group apart. Even though Vernon stole the boat and screwed us over, I think Jenny and the group would have found a way out of Savannah if it wasn't for that damn Walkie-Talkie
  • They all equally brought down of the group.
  • Carley/Doug shouldn't have given Clementine the batteries, but then again Lee shouldn't have let her keep the radio.
  • JakeSt123;817413 said:
    Carley/Doug shouldn't have given Clementine the batteries, but then again Lee shouldn't have let her keep the radio.
    Then again they didn't think she was talking to some creepy man
  • We all thought it was broken.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;817417 said:
    We all thought it was broken.
    So did Christa and Omid
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