Walking Dead Update Stuck iPad 3

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I recently purchased 400 Days, but I could not get it to download, via the popular "internet connection was lost" issue. Then, I noticed that I had an update for the Walking Dead in the App Store.. so I decided to update and see if I could then download 400 Days with ease. Unfortunately, now the game is stuck at 50% of the update, and it hasn't moved in hours. I do have a nice, strong wifi connection. I have reset the iPad. Not sure what the best thing is to do at this point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    How to fix connectivity issues on ipad/iphone:

    1. Go to your settings menu and set Auto-Lock to "Never"
    2. Download Hotspot Shield VPN on App Store
    3. Run Hotspot and follow the instructions
    4. Enter your game and download the episodes. NOTE: Do not perform background download, otherwise it won't work
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