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How do you think it would be different if Carley lived?

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If she hadn't died to Lilly, do you think she would have died later, or lived through to whole game? What about Lee? Do you think they would get married? What if Ben got shot instead? How different do you think the story would be?
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  • I think Carley would have survived the whole game, I can't think of a good moment to kill her off after the RV part that would not come off as cheap.
  • She and Lee woulda got nasty :cool:
  • She would have kept an eye on Clementine at the house, Molly would have killed Lee, Kenny would have shot Molly, zombies would have gotten Kenny, Omid would die and bite Christa, Carley shoots Omid, Lilly kills Christa.
    Ben gets whoever is left killed.

    One of many possibilities, but it will always end with Ben gets whoever is left killed
  • That might be a little extreme, and I remember being able to kick Molly's ass.
  • Okay, Molly leaves Ken and Lee behind, they both get eaten by zombies.

    Infinite possibilities really.
    There's only one constant, Ben screws up. :)
  • Probably the end would be a little different, Ben died, would have fewer casualties.
  • I think everyone would still be alive tbh
  • Not everyone, Carley would have lived through the whole thing that is the only thing I guess would have happened.
  • Since I got so bloody sad and annoyed when she died so outrageously out of random, I found myself thinking throughout the rest of episode 3 and most of 4 about "what would this scene be if Carley was alive". Hell, I dunno, I reckon she'd be Lee's 2nd in command, as well as the only person he can truly confide to, because Lilly had become unhinged and Kenny is, understandably, distraught by his wife and son's death. About that, I reckon maybe if the whole Lilly/Carley thing hadn't happened, Katja wouldn't have been pushed far enough to commit suicide, therefore, she'd be with us still. That does it for the train journey, I reckon she would've survived till they got into the house and she and Lee could've had a little privacy, something I'm sure all Carleymancers were looking forward after the little hints in the motel :)

    And after that... hell, her death could've been possible just about anywhere, probably the highest risk being in Crawford. If not lost directly to zombies, she could have fallen victim to a similar enviromental accident that costs us Kenny and Ben. I don't see her making it to the very end though, the very final scenes with the Stranger and Lee's death to me would have felt not quite so personal if there was someone else in the room. I reckon if she'd survived until then, she would have got seperated from Lee at the same time Omid and Christa did and her fate would have been left unexplored. She would have been a good candidate to trust with Clementine, I know I would have picked her when given the option.

    Yeah, I clearly have been thinking about this much, maybe too much :D
  • Not to much, I thought about pretty much everything you said except the 'Carleymancer' part.
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