Still doesn't save my game

has anyone heard anything new yet? i don't want to play through 400 days until i can replay the game and it still doesn't save so i'm fucked. i love the series and i want to keep going but the game doesn't want to let me :(


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    i am having this same damn issue i beat the original episodes and bought 400 days and all my data was erased. i was like umm ok ill play through again and now it just doesnt save at all ive done the first episode twice now and nothing im kinda pissed
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    i have the same issue still. i finally gave in and played through 400 days with a generated choices from season 1 but for me it didn't feel as good without everything i worked so hard on last time. i hope the issue is fixed before season 2
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    Does deleting 400 days from the console fix it? I have been having your problem for a few days and im just wondering if it works
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    I deleted all walking dead data and spent the afternoon redownloading it all and it still kept doing it
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