is Telltale still working on the "Storage Device issue?"

I don't mean to call you out Telltale, or anything like that, it's just that this issue seems to have been going on for about 10 months now, and I haven't seen anyone who has resolved it. Now, people are getting this issue with 400 days as well.

I'm talking of course of the issue when players get a window that pops up mid-game saying that the storage device is disconnected. When pressing continue, the game takes them to the main menu. Then, when continuing the game, we get a frozen black screen, and the game never loads.

This is a serious issue, of course, since we can't continue our games. The only option it seems is to restart the entire game, which of course, we don't want to do. We've tried dozens of possible solutions, but nothing works.

I really hope that you guys at Telltale release a patch for this. We desperately need it.


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    They've been working on it for a very long time haven't they.

    Personally I don't believe we'll ever see a fix for this. It doesn't seem to matter to Telltale that a relative handful of people on the Xbox 360 can't play.
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    They have not worked on it.
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    We are still investigating this issue. I'll post here what I said in another thread. I do understand your frustration and promise that we are aware of the issue and trying to determine an appropriate solution.

    We have been compiling data provided by players to determine a pattern. Initially we believed this issue was related to having 3 unique playthroughs, one in each save slot, with a completed game save (or close to it) on each, however we've recently found players with only 1 or 2 completed save slots. At this time we are still assuming the issue is related to save space and are recommending anyone affected move their save to a flash drive, delete any remaining save data associated with their profile for The Walking Dead off of their Xbox (from the dashboard, Settings > System > Storage > Games and Apps > The Walking Dead), and then start a new game on a single save slot. We do apologize for the delayed response and once we have more information, we will communicate this to you immediately.
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