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Patches? Ever?

posted by Pyrii on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
I'm not sure how this game even got out the door in it's current state. And I'm not here to whine about any sense of the AI cheating (which imo it does). Nah, for me it seems even at it's core, the game is pretty broken, constant freezing in the same places (I've verified and re-downloaded the game multiple times, even had to start from scratch for accidentally deleting my save), or just the game getting stuck completely.

Then there's problems from the previous game. Unskippable and constantly repeated lines, poor animation (lots of jumping between different poses) and occasional crashing.

For me, the intro is completely unwatchable, the same dialogues freeze the game up till they finish, and characters will constantly get "stuck" deciding what to do:

Eg, this play where Ash just sat there, forever, I waited an hour, switch the set (As you can see, not all the cards switched) and waited another hour before closing the game. Thankfully I played some animal crossing in the meantime.



Given how Telltale refused to patch PNATI, I have a feeling this game will never see an update or any fixes. I'd love to see Telltale prove me wrong, but my expectations based on experience are low.
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  • The iOS version is even worse. It lags like hell, and most of the time it crashes to the springboard when I try to launch it. Plus the touch support only works when it wants to. I think TellTale never even tests thier games before releasing them. Just look at SBCG4AP.
  • Just wanted to say. 4 aces? Amazing hand.

  • The PS3 version is pretty awful as well. It crashes my system constantly. The worst part is I bought and sat through the buggiest game I've ever plaid just to get the B2 unlockables and they won't even work. I think I may be done giving Tell Tale my money if this is the kind of work they do.

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