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Walking dead season 4 trailer

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So, who else noticed Michonne pointing in a map on Macon in the trailer? Maybe we will see some familliar places in the tv show :)
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  • I know, can we move on to better things, it was so much better in the comics.
  • My favorite storyline from the comics was right after the prison, when Rick and co. were on the road and traveling to D.C., mainly because it was one of the few times when there wasn't a community storyline, like the prison, Woodbury, or Alexandria. One of the few reasons why I'm not particularly hyped for season 2 of the game.
  • I did like that story arc quite a bit to, and for all we know this 'settlement' might not even be a focus at all.
  • I dont mind that they're still in the prison, in fact I like it. Just from the trailer you can see that they are wringing a lot of drama and excitement out of it. I read every issue of the comic and being on the road all the time is no more interesting than being in settlements. That's all the comic is anyway, moving from one settlement to another, being attacked by zombies, and meeting some crazy people they have to fight off. Then, rinse and repeat. I like the comic but its fairly repetitive.
  • How would you write the comics if you were Kirkmen? That repetitiveness is always going to be there on some level.
  • I think your on the right track, I have never understood why AMC is so bad at keeping information secret, remember how much they showed off during season 3?
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