Game refuses to run properly

Downloaded the walking dead through Steam today, having a bit of trouble with it.

First problem is that it crashes whenever I try to open it through the Steam Library, so I went to the local files and tried to open it there, which opened the game after a semi-long blackscreen.

After getting the game going for around 5-7 minutes, my system stops responding and my Comp stops sending signals to my monitor. I can't figure out what's going on here, so after a bit of a wait I restart my computer.

I used Window's Troubleshooter, and it told me to run it with Windows XP (Service Pack 2), which ends with an error saying, "Could not load game data! make sure you are running the application from the directory it was installed to.", and then another saying, "Unfortunately, this error cannot be recovered"

I'm not much of a computer wiz, and a little guidance would be very much appreciated


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