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Address change before receiving my order

posted by kprojekt on - last edited - Viewed by 283 users
I placed an order for
Sam & Max *Signed* Street Poster Print
Sam & Max: The Effigy Mound
Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway (Limited Edition Hardcover)

This order has been placed in February but I'm in the process of moving into a new apartment. Since I received this message bellow, is it possible to change the address for the order? Where can I do this and who can I contact? Is it spring yet? When will the Limited Edition ship?

"Thanks for your order! One or more of the items you bought is not available right now. We'll ship your order when all of the items are available. If you paid by credit card, your card won't be charged until the order ships. If you paid using a different method, payment may have already been collected."
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