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( Poll ) do you WANT to see people from the TV Show in season 2? ( poll )

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I think this is a shitty idear because the game taking place in the world of the comics is what made me love the game, when i play it i like the feeling that somewhere out there rick and his gang ( from the comics ) are out there doing there thing, so to add add anyone from the TV show and make them LOOK liek them ( Example if they brought Andrea in and made her look like TV show andrea ) it would ruin it for me, im fine with adding a few comic characters for a cameo, but DO NOT ADD TV SHOW CHARACTERS, i hope other die hard comic fans agree on this.

BTW the " yes " choice = yes i would mind, " no " = no i would not mind
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  • Please Telltale I beg you don't put TV characters in the show,the original characters you create are so much better.Don't ruin an amazing game with a silly tie in!
  • I would absolutely hate this. The game should mostly be independent, although have few references to the comic (like 1 or 2). Don't have cameos, though. But the TV SHOW? "No. NO F***KIN' WAY." -Kenny when you show the bite.
  • I agree, if they said it was in the comics in the beginning then it takes place in the world of the comics and that is it, it should not be changed just so Daryl can be in it, and yes I like Daryl but we had people like Kenny, Chuck, Lee, and so many new characters that are a lot better then most of the characters on the show anyway.
  • comic universe, no one from the show exists in this game becasue its in the continuity of the comics even though the game is it own entity. Plus theres already appearances from hershel, glenn and shawn comic book characters. And theres is a reference to the comic in each episode if you pays attention, well not every episode in 400 days there was a picture of dale if you looked
  • The game's set in the comic universe so no. It wouldn't make sense and would look cheap.

    I'm not even keen on comic characters showing up since they have a lot less freedom to write with them and it should stand on it's own where possible.
  • If TV/comic characters are in game hopefully Shane will be there.
  • i think they are planning it, but they wont add any TV show characters to the GAME, they will add GAME characters to the TV SHOW? coz after all, the show is based off the comics and the game is part of the comic, so they could actually do that, thats we know they are going to macon, they may meet Lee and clem for one or 2 epoisodes, Kenny too lol
  • Does anyone think the whole game TV show thing is being talked to death, because I think it is, it might not be as bad as the Carley threads during the dark ages but it's still not good.
  • I do not want to see Daryl, Merle, or any of them in TT's TWD game. However I don't care so much about the show so if they added some character like Molly, Kenny, Ben, or Lee then you won't here me complaining.

    Would make more sense, since the show's based of the comic and the comic is the same universe as the game.
  • I don't care for the show and if this happens I hope they at least hire actors that fit the part. I don't want an annoying Clementine, or an Omid with no personality.
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