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How did you THINK season 1 would end?

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I knew there would be death, and at first before lee got bit, i thought we would have to shoot clem or leave her to turn

I also thought Omid would die.
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  • It's way to early to call who will die, we will only know when it happens.
  • Bioshock Infinite WD;820253 said:
    It's way to early to call who will die, we will only know when it happens.
    lol dafuq?
  • Bioshock is stuck in the past. Sorry about that, problems with the time machine and paradoxes and stuff... yeah.

    Anyway, I quite honestly thought it'd end will Lee and Clementine on their own and left to expore the rest of america for salvation, or atleast, come down to a vote on who left on a boat.
  • O my god, I am so sorry I thought you were talking about Season 2, I thought you would have to pick who goes on the boat and who dies, and funny that you mention paradoxes and my name is Bioshock Infinite Walking Dead, funny how things work.
  • I knew Lee would die. The only thing I was uncertain about was who all would be left standing there when he did. I didn't think that TellTale was going to kill Clem. Especially a death due to zombies. If TTG were to kill her, I would suspect it would be someone killed her, and then you have to put her down when she turns.
    I thought that Kenny and Lee would be the only ones (other than Clem) to reach the end of the season. I'm glad that it was more customizable than that, and that by the end of it, Clem is the only one we know for certain is still alive. (I know others are alive, or at least not confirmed dead, but Clem is who we see.)
    I didn't see that coming. I was certain her and Kenny would be riding off into the sunset for something bigger and better lol.
    But I loved how they ended it. It was nice that even though Lee died, it was kind of a surprise how it happened. The stranger came back to bite us in the ass, in a way causing Lee to get bit and die. I love that we had the option of letting Clem kill us or not. I didn't see that coming until we were already on that path.
    I have nothing but high hopes for season 2, especially if they don't follow the TV show more closely lol.
  • Well since they have not said they will at comic con so far, the chances seem pretty low, while good things like Kenny being alive, is a bit higher now.
  • I thought Lee would die and Omid would die. Clementine and Christa would be walking off into the distancd in the ending, along with Kenny.

    Thankfully, Omid didn't die :D

    But Kenny is presumed dead (hoping he's alive though)

    And, as a I predicted, Lee died :(
  • I knew he would die, cutting his arm off gave me way to much hope, and I expected everyone to be dead by the end, I was sadly right but some did live, which was good.
  • I thought we were gonna choose who gets in the boat, have an emotive goodbye with Clem, Kenny and the rest of the group, then we would get to choose if we want to get shot and by who or not, and in case we didn't want to get shot, they would get out Savannah on the boat while bitten Lee remains there confronting the thousands of walkers surrounding him. THE END.

    ...I loved the actual ending, though. :)
  • everyone i thought would die did die. however i'm not to sure about kenny yet. time will only tell.
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