Mouse Out of Sync

I've played through episodes 1-5 without a hitch, and enjoyed them thoroughly. So, I buy 400 Days from Steam, download it fine. When I open up The Walking Dead now, the screen is out of sync with the mouse on screen. I move my mouse in real life, mouse on screen moves fine. The problem is that when I place my in screen mouse over a button, I cannot click it. There's no sound effects on the menu, no highlight of the button. I move it up to the next button, and the button one or two below it is now highlighted, and the little sound effect occurs. This does not affect the game however; I'm not sure why it's only the menus. I can't even start the game, because I click Play, New Game, and then when I try to click the arrow to change episodes, it doesn't react to the mouse. I thank you for any support I receive.

It appears to be fine on the title screen, and the screen with the three different saves. However, it is out of sync on the Main Menu, and the Episode Selection.

Edit: I'm not sure what was causing this, but after restarting, it appears to have fixed it.
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