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DVDs, versions and DRM

posted by The Brown Dragon on - Viewed by 870 users

I'm going to be away from the internet and using a laptop for a while.

Is it better to install my Telltale games by downloading from the Telltale Store, or should I install from the DVD? (The collector's DVD Telltale send you for each season)

I know that sometimes the Telltale Store versions are updated to fix bugs, etc. Are the DVD episodes always the final versions or has anything been patched since the DVDs were made?

If I install from the DVD do I have to keep the disk in the drive to play?

If I install from the Telltale Store, do I need to run each episode while I still have Internet access to activate it, or can it be activated offline if I write down my serial number?

I ask for specifically these games:

Sam and Max Season 1
Sam and Max Season 2
Sam and Max Season 3
Tales of Monkey Island
Back to the Future

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