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Come on, Telltale, time to come clean... (unreleased Season 2 teaser image)

posted by Robert Morgan on - last edited - Viewed by 12K users
You've shown that season 2 teaser image at E3, and Comic Con. Why are you keeping it from the rest of your paying customers who couldn't attend either event? :(
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  • he is scarier then other internet monsters.

    I agree with you on that. It's the only monster I actually lost sleep over. The rake, and other stuff like that didn't creep me out.
  • First time I saw that game it was scary and I could not sleep, it did not help to have a loud storm that night also, and the power loss Realllly did not help.
  • I've played Slender on my IPad (I don't know how to download it on my computer :p I've tried though) I've read the story, several actually, watched YouTube videos, his brother is my roommate (he still owes me 20 pounds) I like my creepypasta and I like my SlenderMan myths. You can call me the SlenderMan geek :cool:
  • So you like Slender, Kenny, and Nate, I wonder what that you be like if you combed that into one game.
  • You don't wanna know, I think I would explode with excitement.

    Also I reached 700 posts well.... *lifts up red button and presses it*

    "That was easy"
  • Yay, whiskey time everyone, I wish I could get a bottle of wine, but this is the only thing left in America or maybe even the world. The game would be trying to find 8 pages in a forest, while playing as ether Nate or Kenny, and wolves will attack sometimes and you only get six shots in the revolver, and you can't kill Slenderman, now what would I name it.
  • That will work well, and your flashlight will start to die overtime so ether conserve power, or try to find battery's, which are really rare, you need to pull the hammer back to fire another shot every time, so getting overwhelmed is easy, now only thing we need is to get Mark J Hadley or Mark Steene to make it, if I had a choice I would pick Steene as he made all those other maps that were better then the original Slender map.
  • No, I'd rather it be finding moustaches as Kenny and finding pictures of gurls as Nate.

    "THAT'S A TEN!"
    Once you find 8 moustaches or pictures of gurls Slenderman will either:

    Die from your epic moustache as Kenny
    Grab the pictures of gurls and run off happily.

    You think you've won, if you're Nate, you'll die (unless you find the moustache power-up) or if you're Kenny, you'll win. :D
    You then win 'Ben mode', where you find hatchets stuck in doors. When you find them all, Slenderman will kill you.
  • Okay then, that will be the fun idea, my idea will be the scary horror part, combine them into two modes and we got indie game of the year.
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